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Integrated with Social Media

Maybe more powerful integration with Facebook is where you can display each flyer to tens of thousands of people in your target market..


Via Email and Newsletter Promotion

With one click you have the flyer in your mailbox, in HTML format as optimal split Newsletter resend your contacts.

Bajar flyer

Download it to your computer

Finish in two minutes and with a click you have it saved on your computer with HD quality..

subir a tu web

Put on your Web Flyer doing nothing

Just insert a code once on your site, the system will put the last flyer automatically every time you do.


Flyer Template are a Good Choice

If you design regularly, you may realise that you always use the same effects for text, or end up structuring your designs for the same type of flyer.
Of course, this may happen if you do a considerable amount of design work and deliveries per month, or maybe a week.
Time to organize!
At this point it's a good idea to start having your own templates, where you already have established design structures, and a gallery of text and effects.


What is a Flyer Online

In the past, “flyers” were more commonly known as advertising brochures.
The word “flyer” refers to a medium sized, graphic advertisement used to promote a product or service. They are very useful to advertise nightclubs, events and general activities.
One of the reasons why this kind of advertising is favoured between small and large businesses is the low cost of printing.
At Facil Flyers, we do not use paper .

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